Deep Search - Tor search of Deep Web links

Tor Search, a deep web search engine

Tor Search is a new search engine that does not work like Google or Bing, but allows searching in the so-called "deep web".

Tor is a network that allows you to anonymize traffic passing through it, so that you can not determine the point of origin or determine who you are. The connection protocol is complicated, so far the searches within Tor have not been very effective.

Wee looking to change that with TorSearch. No hidden service on Tor will be crawled by Google, but we built Tor Search the same way Google works. I'm crawling a hidden wiki, which links to other hidden services, and they in turn link to more.

Tor search

At this point, there are already 790,000 Tor resources indexed, causing traffic within Tor to double in the last few weeks as the search engine spreads.

Although some use Tor simply to browse anonymously and enter any website like Facebook or Twitter (skipping censorship systems, for example), others have other reasons to use the network.

Deep web porn carries a large volume of traffic, music, movies, and also "many PDFs". There are also botnets that communicate via Tor.

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