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The dangers of Deep Web, the Dark Web

Beyond the known, there is an unknown internet face. And dangerous for the activities that are allowed there. Entering the depths of this sea of ​​knowledge, thousands and thousands of unknown web pages are not usually indexed in major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. And the box of thunder is uncovered. Deep Web - Dark Web - is the part of the internet that is not part of the superficial internet, or rather: that is invisible to the search engines since the content of it is not indexed.

But what does this mean for "non-indexed" content? It refers to all content that is inaccessible from conventional internet search engines for different reasons, such as password protected websites and pages, documents in unrecognizable formats or content that require you to interrogate your database in order to access the information.

The term Deep Web can evoke a misconception of what it really is, because the automatisms of our brain associate deep with illegal. Nothing further from the reality, Deep Web develops illegal activities, but this sector is better known as the dark side of the internet, and to access it is necessary to use a proxy server.

The problem, say experts in computer security, is the use of this hidden face of the internet as the "holy grail" of communication anonymity, since it is very difficult to track users, a true breeding ground for child pornography And illegal activities (sale of weapons and drugs) without control of the authorities, warns an infome elaborated by the security firm Trend Micro. In this way, cybercriminals are able to avoid controlling information they do not want to make public; For example, is the method used by political dissidents of repressive regimes to communicate with the outside, although the security forces and authorities are aware of this delicate situation.

Illegal activities

But we are talking about something that, despite being unknown by much of the Internet users, actually has always existed. In fact, it is estimated that accounts for 90% of the total internet content. This does not mean that large size is dedicated to illegal topics, only that it is inaccessible to search engine spiders. Experts estimate that the superficial web represents about 10% or 15% of what the internet actually is. In addition, 34% of the pages containing "malware" in the traditional Web have connections with Deep Web.

The Deep Web uses a whole series of tools whose purpose is to remain anonymous, being the most famous of them The Onion Router (TOR), a platform created by the US Naval Laboratory, which makes it possible to hide the IP address And other data related to the identity of the user, and which operates using different levels - such as layers of an onion - coding.

Other platforms to access this virtual world are almost invisible palalelo. Certain parts of Deep Web are technically inaccessible through traditional means, so it becomes a safe and secure place for cybercriminals or individuals of all kinds to perform illegal services. The basis is the use of complex encryption codes that protect the user from traffic analysis, anonymity being the main inspiration.

Many users, experts warn, take advantage of the computer-related situation to commit money-laundering services such as Bitcoin, purchase of passwords, sale of illegal passports, government leaks or hired killers, a small universe almost untapped and Which is to be found in the law of the jungle, with no more rules than that of oneself.

The experts offer a series of data that raises the suspicions about the impact of illegal activities in this type of web pages. It is believed that 32% of the goods that are marketed in much of the stores are related to cannabis and drug sales. There are even opportunities to break the law. For US $ 5,900 you can get US citizenship at a Deep Web site specializing in providing passports. And there is more; For only $ 100 you can buy stolen accounts from platforms like eBay or PayPal. More dangerous are some announcements, such as one in which $ 180,000 is claimed for committing a murder.

Grow anonymity

Another problem arises, the size. Deep Web is constantly growing. From Trend Micro point out that it is "incredibly difficult" to offer a reading on the volume of sites at any given time, although they estimate that the current content is around 988,000 web pages.

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