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How to use the Deep Web browser?

 deep web browser    The first thing to do is download an updated version of Deep web Browser or Tor Browser and, from here, install it normally. Then we will open the newly installed web browser and in the window that is displayed, click on "Open Settings". If you use a firewall, we connect through proxy or believe that our operator limits such connections will click on "Configure" and follow the guided procedure in our setting. Then the web browser will open. Now we're in Tor Browser with the correct settings, the only thing left is truly enter into the Deep Web.

   Doing so is simple, but to a certain level, and that in the dark Internet are different "layers" that can enter or not according to our ability. In any case, the first step in the Deep Web will give it accessing the directory of the Deep Web pages that will open the doors to this "dark universe". Copy and paste the following link in our search bar Tor Search.


After your browser has been configured, you should verify that you are running Tor. If you are, the Tor checking website will display a notification indicating that you are indeed running it. As Tor is passing encrypted traffic through multiple Tor nodes, it can be very slow. Your connection cannot be any faster than the slowest node used to route your traffic. For that reason, I would highly recommend using Tor with Firefox and the Tor button. This way you can just switch Tor on when you need to access a site anonymously.

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