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The Dark Side of the Internet

dark web   The "Dark Web" concept, also known by its original name "Darknet" or "Deep Web", has evolved over time since its original definition given by Microsoft researchers. Currently the term "Darknet" does not have a universally accepted definition. However, based on the most popular current versions, it can be said that "Darknet" is a collection of networks and technologies used to share information and digital contents (eg texts, software, songs, images, movies) that are "distributed "Between the different nodes and that tries to preserve the anonymity of the identities of those who exchange such information, that is, they pursue the anonymity of origin and destination when the transfer of information takes place.

   Sometimes the term "Darknet" is used in a general way to describe non-commercial internet sites or to refer to underground web communications, mainly associated with illegal or dissident activity.

                 Examples of this type of activity in the Dark Web:

     Sharing of files in a way that could violate copyright.
     Support for terrorist activities.
     Support for pedophile activities.
     Publication of dangerous opinions for certain political regimes.
     Publication of secret information about legal organizations (eg secret services or large commercial enterprises).
     Publication of secret information about criminal organizations.
     Dissemination of knowledge (eg scientific), opinions (eg ideological or political), information, culture and software prohibited or censored in different countries, which would not be otherwise accessible.
    Diffusion of child pornography.
    Dissemination of useful information for organized crime.
    Violation of intellectual property protection laws in countries where this is considered a crime.
    Express rejection or acceptance to any kind of political idea.

Currently the concept has evolved incorporating the "need for privacy" so that Darknet brings together those technologies and networks that allow content sharing with Deep Search so that the entities that communicate have little or no fear of their identity being detected. That is, these networks and technologies are concerned with the protection of privacy pursuing the anonymity of the entities that communicate.

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